Foot treatments

‍Ourpodiatrists offer you a variation of foot treatments. You can choose between nail prosthetics, toe orthotics, nail braces and many others your suitable treatment.

No matter which of our treatments you choose, you can be sure that your feet are in the best hands with us. Give yourself and your feet a break and make an appointment today.

Foot treatment
45 minutes
CHF 120.-

For comprehensive foot care, we recommend our 45-minute foot treatment. Here your feet will be pampered by our experienced professionals and receive intensive care.

Cut and Go
30 minutes
CHF 80.-

For those who are in a hurry, but still do not want to give up well-groomed feet, our Cut and Go treatment is the perfect choice. Here, your nails are cut and shaped quickly and precisely, so you can move on without wasting time. This treatment takes only 30 minutes.

Partial treatment
20 minutes
CHF 60.- to 80.-

If you only want to have certain areas on your feet taken care of, we recommend our partial treatment. In just 20 minutes, we will focus on your needs and provide you with a customized treatment based on your needs.

‍Podologicalfoot treatment
classic podological medical foot treatment includes nail cutting, filing and callus removal. If desired, the toenails are painted. Vulnerable problem areas are also treated medically. A soothing foot cream is then applied and massaged in.
- approx. 45 minutes

Diabetes/risk patients
We podiatrists work closely with doctors and specialize in risk cases that suffer from an increased risk of infection and delayed wound healing.
Diabetes patients, for example, require special and preventive podological treatment to avoid possible consequential damage.
The following conditions are considered at risk patients:in:
- diabetic foot syndrome,
- patients with neurological factors (e.g. polyneuropathy, paralysis, MS, etc.)
- rheumatic diseases (e.g. chronic polyarthritis)
- Circulatory disorders (PAVK and CVI)
- Geriatric patients:inside
- Taking medications (e.g. immunosuppressive drugs, anticoagulations (blood thinners), chemotherapy, cortisone.)

Partial treatments

Nail treatment
Professional cutting, filing as well as cleaning of the nails is offered in nail treatment.

Ingrown toenail
‍Ingrown toenails are caused by
various factors:
Not cutting the toenails correctly, wrong footwear as well as increased pressure load can be a decisive reason.
Thanks to various therapy options such as nail clamps, can help you achieve faster pain relief.

callus treatment/
corn treatment

Due to pressure, friction and incorrect footwear, pressure points (calluses) often arise, which over time can grow into the deep and lead to so-called corns.
In podological treatment, these pressure points are removed using scalpel techniques.

Nail braces (orthonyxia)
Orthonyxia is mainly used for immediate pain relief and shaping of the nail.
The ingrowth of the toenail is prevented with different clasp techniques:
- BS clasp
- Titanium clasp

Nail prosthetics (TNP)
The nail growth can be damaged by various influences such as a blow, accident, nail fungus, nail tear, nail loss or by an operation.
The so-called partial nail prosthetics (TNP) protects and corrects the nail and the nail bed by means of a gel. It also provides pain relief, shaping, correction as well as widening of the nail.
- Gel cover
- Gel structure

Toe orthosis
An orthosis is an anatomically custom-made silicone relief, which, depending on the shape and choice of material, can also have a conditional corrective effect. It helps to relieve pressure points and toe deformities.
- Toe Wedge
- Omega Orthosis